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Let It Be You

Our primary financial goal continues to be that regular, recurring donations pay for core expenses – feed, vet care, hoof care, utilities, etc. One thousand “Friends of Equamore” each pledging $20 a month (66 cents a day) would assure the ongoing viability of the Sanctuary. Please become a Friend or raise your current monthly donation.

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“Black Beauty” & “Beautiful Joe” Big Barn Bazaar

When? Saturday September 17, 2016 from 10 AM to 4 PM. Where?  Equamore Sanctuary Barn – 4723 Highway 66, Ashland, Oregon. Why? Because we will have great deals and it will all benefit Friends of the Animal Shelter and the horses of the Equamore Foundation! TIME TO CLEAN OUT YOUR CLOSETS!  DONATIONS OF NEW AND LIGHTLY USED QUALITY MERCHANDISE TO THESE NON-PROFIT CHARITIES FOR THIS EVENT ARE GREATLY APPRECIATED AND TAX DEDUCTIBLE!  Please call 541-482-5550 to schedule a pick-up or…

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Finn and Me

As you know, since Hoover and Magic died, Finn has been my best friend. But I am beginning to worry here. Finn is ridden by a young person and he is a “camp” horse. Camp – I don’t get it. Tons of small humans in the barn that are loud, wanting to touch everyone, ride everyone. So annoying. I have told Finn, based on stories from Dusty, McGuire and Pete – very reliable sources – that all you have to…

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“They Used to Call Me Pal.” Breed – Quarter Horse – Liver Chestnut Gelding – Over 30 years of age Entry Date – 12/8/2013 Type of rescue – Homeless Reason – Abandoned Special needs – Special Feeds Equamore Sanctuary received a phone call about a little horse that was fending for himself in the mountains above the Sanctuary. He had been spotted a year earlier, alone and very ill as evidenced by the large amount of mucous discharge coming from his nostrils.…

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Silver Anniversary Auction Items

A number of valuable items has been donated to be auctioned at the “Beyond-the-Finish-Line” Silver Anniversary Celebration on Saturday, May 7th, 2016, at Equamore Sanctuary. Check them out here. Items include vacation packages, furniture, dinners, and more. Check them out.

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Our “Horses Needing Homes” Service

We provide our “Horses Needing Homes” web page in an effort to help people looking to re-home their horses. The horses on this page are not Equamore horses. They are horses whose owners contacted us for assistance, but whose horses were not taken into our Sanctuary. We have not made any independent inquiry into the horses’ descriptions or conditions. Please contact the person listed in each post if you are interested in a particular horse.

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