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A Desperate Case of Neglect and A Remarkable Recovery Bay Thoroughbred Gelding Entry Date – 5/15/09 (Originally rescued by Sanctuary One on 5/14/08) Type of rescue – Surrendered to Jackson County Animal Control Reason – Starvation victim by a hoarder Special needs – Some special feeds The Jackson County Animal Control Agency rescued Apollo when they convinced a “hoarder” to relinquish several horses she claimed to have rescued, but kept in deplorable conditions. The officer saw that two of the…

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Babies are so cute!  There are too many! A mare is sexually mature at about 18 months of age and can remain fertile well into her later years – 25-35. If they have access to a stallion, mares will breed naturally yearly. So, it is possible that one mare can be expected to produce more than 20 new horses during her lifetime. The best studies estimate that there are approximately 170,00 unwanted horses in the Unites States each year. Unwanted…

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Friendship Celebration!

Friendship Celebration December 18th ~ 12:00 – 2:00 Please join us in celebrating the Year-End & New Year with the Horses of Equamore!  Each year-end we celebrate the past year of providing sanctuary to horses without alternatives, our hopes for the new year ahead, and our dream of a world where we are not needed!  Open to Everyone!  No Charge!                                           Soups ~ Cider ~ Desserts ~ and more Location:   Equamore Sanctuary, 4723 Highway 66, Ashland, OR 97520 541-482-5550  …

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We’re Number 2! But…

In our last issue of the NeighSaver we asked you to “Ponder This”. The State of Oregon was rated #2 (led only by Illinois) in its animal cruelty laws with Kentucky scoring last of the fifty states. Source:  Animal Legal Defense Fund 2015 U.S. Animal Protection Laws Rankings.    Check out the rankings here.  Here is what we think. The ranking for our State of Oregon is great – second in the country for the quality of its animal welfare…

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Let It Be You

Our primary financial goal continues to be that regular, recurring donations pay for core expenses – feed, vet care, hoof care, utilities, etc. One thousand “Friends of Equamore” each pledging $20 a month (66 cents a day) would assure the ongoing viability of the Sanctuary. Please become a Friend or raise your current monthly donation.

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