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Sanctuary Picnic Friendship Drive

Please join us for our Annual Sanctuary Picnic Friendship Drive. We continue our efforts to find more “friends” of Equamore to meet our financial goals. We need enough friends making recurring donations to cover our feed, vet care, hoof care, utilities, etc. so that we can focus on longer term needs, Sanctuary improvements, additional programs, and repayment of our mortgage. Including our mortgage, we need about $1000 a day to run the Sanctuary! With more friends we could ensure that…

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Topaz Featured


A Real Gem Finds a New Setting Bay Arabian Gelding Entry Date – 9/22/08 at 23 years of age Type of rescue – Surrendered Reason – Spared from euthanasia Special needs – None In September 2008, when lameness made it impossible for Topaz to continue as a school horse, a riding instructor contacted Linda Davis pleading for the horse’s life. The Foundation agreed to take over his care so that he would not be euthanized and Topaz arrived the next…

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Bojingles “Bo”

Not Just a Pretty Face Grey Arab Mare Entry Date –12/30/12 at the approximate age of 12 Type of rescue – Surrender Reason – Lameness and to Reunite Her with Rescued Pasture Mate Special needs – Special trims and Supplements for Laminitis After more than three months alone in a pasture after her best friend and sole companion Raffie was moved to Equamore Sanctuary, Bojingles (“Bo”) was finally able to join him.  As the truck and trailer approached the property…

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One Lucky Girl Appaloosa Mare – Over 30 years of age Entry Date – 10/14/15 Type of rescue – Save from a “kill pen” Reason – Scheduled for slaughter Special needs – Veterinarian care for her eyes, removal of a sarcoid from her ear, dental care, and hoof trimming Grace was a beautiful, elderly Appy mare. We know nothing of her past. She was rescued from a kill pen in Washington State along with her pen mate Gael. Her history,…

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Tristarr is a 19 year old mare located in Josephine County, Oregon. If you are interested in providing her a forever home, contact Kathy at (541) 450-8673. Please don’t contact Equamore – this lovely mare is privately owned.

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Percheron Appaloosa Cross Gelding Entry Date – November 28, 2017 at approximately 17 years of age Type of rescue – Intervention by law enforcement and local community members Reason – Abandoned by Owner Special needs – Blind and needs eye treatments to get his eyes pain free Story catch – A Horse with No Name Approximately two months before Juan arrived at the Equamore Sanctuary he lived on a run-down piece of property in Nehalem, OR where he received very…

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Sara Featured


Liver Chestnut Arabian Mare Entry Date – 8/15/08 at age 18 Type of rescue – Seizure by Jackson County Sheriff’s Department Reason – Sever neglect and abuse Special needs – None Sara, a beautiful Arabian mare, came to the Sanctuary at age 18 as part of a four-horse seizure by Jackson County Sheriff’s Department in 2008.  Of the five horses on the property, one of whom had died of starvation, Sara was in the best condition.  After she regained her…

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About Sara

I have blogged about Sara many times: how I happily bit her (July, 2012), how I schemed to set her “free” (May, 2013), how I gloated when she knew our person was giving me treats (July, 2013) and how I joyfully chased her through the fields (April, 2014). I have not blogged or even complained about her recently because she has had so many problems and our person was so upset about it.  Sara died last week.  It makes me…

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