Equamore Academy

The Equamore Academy was established in 2010 to provide education for horse owners and for those who respond to reports of horses in jeopardy. The curriculum includes training for the general public in horse care and safe horsemanship. A separate curriculum is being developed for Horse Rescue Teams to train them in the use of technology to engage the public in ending animal cruelty and neglect.

From time to time, the Academy sponsors specialized training so that sheriff’s deputies, animal control officers, search and rescue teams, horse rescue operators, and the general public have access to the knowledge and equipment they need to help animals during emergencies. Pictured above, participants in the July, 2011, clinic funded by a grant from the ASPCA  ponder their last simulation: extricating a rider and saving the horse on top of him below the bridge crossing over Neal Creak at Equamore Sanctuary.

The Henneke Body Scoring Clinic provides certification in a standardized system for judging whether an animal is in eminent danger of starvation and in need of formal intervention by law enforcement.


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