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About Sara

I have blogged about Sara many times: how I happily bit her (July, 2012), how I schemed to set her “free” (May, 2013), how I gloated when she knew our person was giving me treats (July, 2013) and how I joyfully chased her through the fields (April, 2014). I have not blogged or even complained about her recently because she has had so many problems and our person was so upset about it.  Sara died last week.  It makes me…

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Some “Party”

Yesterday the people had a “party” to celebrate the end of this year and the beginning of the next one. I don’t keep time. Sun up – breakfast, sun down – dinner. Clean and simple. Parties make people do some dumb things, but this one really chafed. To celebrate they kept us all in the barn so the people could look at us. I hate all those people coming in, with everyone wanting to touch us. I prefer the company…

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New Scare Lights

The humans put new panels in the roof this week. I’m not sure what this is all about, but the result is scary squares in my stall and in the aisle outside my stall. Incredibly creepy. I will never understand humans. The day they installed them I was in the fields and had no idea this was happening. My little person let into my run and as usual I trotted by nicely into my stall. Then I saw them, and…

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I Go Crazy Sometimes

I have not blogged in a long time. I have been busy for sure.  Between grazing, grooming, eating, and running the mares off of Finn, I have a job and a half. But lately I have been thinking about how most horses live in one world and I live in two. My Equamore world is really great. I eat, I roam the fields with Finn and Dusty and I even play a little. I have worked on being more approachable…

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Finn and Me

As you know, since Hoover and Magic died, Finn has been my best friend. But I am beginning to worry here. Finn is ridden by a young person and he is a “camp” horse. Camp – I don’t get it. Tons of small humans in the barn that are loud, wanting to touch everyone, ride everyone. So annoying. I have told Finn, based on stories from Dusty, McGuire and Pete – very reliable sources – that all you have to…

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You Must Be Kidding

My feet have been hurting again. They were really bad when I first came to Equamore. The people tried new trims and special supplements, but that was not enough. Then I had boots which I quickly I took off and hurled through the arena like missiles! Ha! Then I got shoes. I was okay with the shoes – they helped a lot. But lately my feet started hurting again. So what do the people do? They start the old routine…

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Before Hoover died, he introduced me to Magic and Finn. Now Magic is with Hoover, and Finn is in the stall next to me. I like Finn a lot, and his old friendships with Hoover and Magic mean a lot to me. I know I will eventually be okay without Magic, as I became stronger after Hoover passed. But last week I was in the barn to have a shoe fixed, and every other horse was out. I had never…

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Magic is Gone

Magic died yesterday evening. It was so sudden. The day before we were groomed and loved on together in the cross ties. Yesterday we had a great day in the fields. Suddenly, Magic was very sick, and then gone. I was with him, as were his human friends, and I stayed calm for him. I remember after Hoover died, and Magic became my friend, how I felt safe when I called and he answered.  I hope last evening that when…

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I Love Hay

One of the things I love about my stall and run is that I can see the hay deliveries even when I am in the barn. I stare at those giant bales coming off the truck – what an amazing and wondrous sight!   I admire the hay barn loaded with fresh hay, imagining it all coming into my feed bin. These bales are so big the people need the tractor to move them. Until we got our new hay…

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