Our “Horses Needing Homes” Service

We provide our “Horses Needing Homes” web page in an effort to help people looking to re-home their horses. The horses on this page are not Equamore horses. They are horses whose owners contacted us for assistance, but whose horses were not taken into our Sanctuary. We have not made any independent inquiry into the horses’ descriptions or conditions. Please contact the person listed in each post if you are interested in a particular horse.

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Mini Mare and Mini Male Donkey

UPDATE!!!     Jack and Miss Mini have each been adopted to their forever homes.  Thanks to all who made this happen!  Jack and Miss Mini were both taken in to a rescue in Florida. The woman who took care of them there decided to bring them to Oregon with her when she moved here.  She is no longer able to care for them.   This mini and donkey need to be placed in a forever home together. Miss Mini, age 22 has an old…

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