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More than a year after these three Percherons were rescued and brought to our Sanctuary, they were finally together and content.   While the stallions Gandalf and Flint were gelded soon after their arrival, behaviors can take a long time to change.  While Gandalf settled down quickly and became part of the gelding herd, Flint continued to show stallion behavior.   The first time Gandolf and Flint were together after being gelded, they resorted to fighting behavior.   Flint continued to try to…

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Art in Motion

We love this!  A wonderful mosaic artist Karen Rycheck applied for a grant for a community art project.   The mural was designed from pictures of our horses!   Karen got the grant, and is now in the process of raising additional funds and designing the individual tiles. We can actually identify each horse in this beautiful work.   We sometimes think of our horses as art in motion. It is great to see art, horses and community come together.  Thank you…

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NeighSaver Summer 2014

Thor and Bryant are featured as is a horse’s version of a famous song about fences. Come sing along with us as we make the kind of improvements to the Sanctuary which will allow us to save more of the estimated 100,000 “unwanted” horses currently without alternatives in the United States.

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Casper’s Big Day

Casper, once labeled “afraid of his own shadow,” has blossomed into a sweet and loving horse. Each day everything at Equamore gets a little less scary (including the vicious leaf blower and even the potentially horse-eating fly system), allowing Casper’s true nature to begin to shine through. He is an incredibly affectionate horse who is learning to truly adore human attention. He will trot to the fence when called, just to say hi, and follows anyone around in the pasture,…

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Sassy Slide

Tribute to Beautiful Sassy

Today Sassy went to her final sanctuary.   Sassy was an amazing being.   This beautiful mare had a plaintiff whinny and a powerful kick, showed a loving spirit and a strong will, had a big appetite and yet was a picky eater, and made friends hesitantly but was fiercely loyal to her old friend Chance.   She was a complex and wonderful horse;  sad and funny,  tragic and heroic, determined and frail.   We take solace knowing that after a hard life she…

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Hope and Heartache

Our Sanctuary is normally a place of hope and joy.   Sometimes though, we have heartbreak that seems too much.   So soon after losing sweet Buckley last night, today we lost the wonderful Raffie.  After seeming his usual happy self this morning at breakfast, Raffie had a sudden and extreme attach of colic.  After an emergency visit by our vet and an exam and tests, we realized that there were no kind choices for Raffie except to send him to his…

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