Percheron Appaloosa Cross Gelding Entry Date – November 28, 2017 at approximately 17 years of age Type of rescue – Intervention by law enforcement and local community members Reason – Abandoned by Owner Special needs – Blind and needs eye treatments to get his eyes pain free Story catch – A Horse with No Name Approximately two months before Juan arrived at the Equamore Sanctuary he lived on a run-down piece of property in Nehalem, OR where he received very…

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Sara Featured


Liver Chestnut Arabian Mare Entry Date – 8/15/08 at age 18 Type of rescue – Seizure by Jackson County Sheriff’s Department Reason – Sever neglect and abuse Special needs – None Sara, a beautiful Arabian mare, came to the Sanctuary at age 18 as part of a four-horse seizure by Jackson County Sheriff’s Department in 2008.  Of the five horses on the property, one of whom had died of starvation, Sara was in the best condition.  After she regained her…

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A Loose Horse Is A Loose Cannon Bay Morgan Gelding Entry Date – 12/21/10 Type of rescue – Abandoned Special needs – None Bravo was an abandoned horse in the winter of 2010 when the Sheriff’s Department received a call that he was roaming around the North Medford area. Residents said he’d been loose for days and had tried to get into a field with several mares. Since the Sheriff’s Department has no facility for housing large animals, they asked…

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Apollo Featured


A Desperate Case of Neglect and A Remarkable Recovery Bay Thoroughbred Gelding Entry Date – 5/15/09 (Originally rescued by Sanctuary One on 5/14/08) Type of rescue – Surrendered to Jackson County Animal Control Reason – Starvation victim by a hoarder Special needs – Some special feeds The Jackson County Animal Control Agency rescued Apollo when they convinced a “hoarder” to relinquish several horses she claimed to have rescued, but kept in deplorable conditions. The officer saw that two of the…

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“They Used to Call Me Pal.” Breed – Quarter Horse – Liver Chestnut Gelding – Over 30 years of age Entry Date – 12/8/2013 Type of rescue – Homeless Reason – Abandoned Special needs – Special Feeds Equamore Sanctuary received a phone call about a little horse that was fending for himself in the mountains above the Sanctuary. He had been spotted a year earlier, alone and very ill as evidenced by the large amount of mucous discharge coming from his nostrils.…

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Royal Crown (“RC”)

A Hidden Treasure Aradian Gelding Entry Date – February 7, 2013 Type of rescue – Surrendered at direction of Jackson County Sheriff Reason – Severe Neglect/Starvation Special needs – Special feeds Several reports were made regarding a property in Central Point, Oregon with a variety of animals in poor conditions, including horses. After repeated reports from concerned citizens, the Jackson County Sheriff’s office again visited the property and instructed the owners to give up the starving gelding hidden from view behind…

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   She Eats Like a Horse! Bay Thoroughbred Mare Entry Date – 5/26/2013 at approximately 23 years of age Type of rescue – Surrendered Reason – Starvation, Unwanted Special needs – Special Feeds Not much is known of Lucy’s past prior to 2013. A kind trainer rescued her from a home in White City where the neglected mare was starving. The trainer then included Lucy as part of the sale of another horse in the hopes that she could live…

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Brie Featured


No Visible Means of Support and Needing Care from a Dog Attack Chestnut QTR Mare Entry Date – 5/6/05 at 1 year of age Type of rescue – Surrender Reason – Owner Unable to pay for boarding Special needs – None In 2005 Brie and her mother Zoë were both injured during an attack by a stray dog. While the wound to Zoë’s face healed, the injury to her leg was more severe, but she still managed to recover with…

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Kizzy Headshot

Kizzy: Beyond the Finish Line

One of Equamore’s strengths is that we know our horses, that we use patience and common sense when we deal with them, and that we understand that horses, like people, have posttraumatic stress reactions that can be triggered by what seems an insignificant set of circumstances.

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Bader Featured


A Rescue From the Brink of Starvation Chestnut Arab Gelding Entry Date – 8/15/08 at age 17 Type of rescue – Seizure by Jackson County Sheriff’s Department Reason – Starvation victim Special needs – None now but was fed special feeds until he regained his proper weight Cause and Date of Death – Fractured hip April 21, 2015 Bader and three other Arabs were rescued from a small farm in Central Point on the date of the Equamore Festival in…

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