The humans put new panels in the roof this week. I’m not sure what this is all about, but the result is scary squares in my stall and in the aisle outside my stall. Incredibly creepy. I will never understand humans. The day they installed them I was in the fields and had no idea this was happening. My little person let into my run and as usual I trotted by nicely into my stall. Then I saw them, and blew back out. Really scared my person. Uh, sorry.

I talked to Finn about it – he seemed to adjust so quickly. He just looked at me. Finn is a great friend, but not really tuned into to my issues. So I tried to think what Magic and Hoover would say.  I think Magic would just have told me to get a grip. Hoover would have told me I was a great and brave horse and could deal with anything. I’m going to listen to Hoover. I will trot down the aisle to get my feet picked and feast on the carrots that await. Tomorrow.

I am Thor and I am an Equamore horse.