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Since 1991 the Equamore Foundation has provided a safety net and sanctuary for unwanted horses, providing lifelong care when there were no other alternatives. This commitment would not be possible without the help of the many individuals and businesses who support our mission.  Tickets to the event are also available at $60 per person. 

The “Beyond the Finish Line” Derby After-Party is our largest and most important fundraising effort of the year. Not only is its success crucial to the financial success of the Foundation, but it offers an opportunity for our supporters to experience for themselves the Sanctuary setting and have fun on this festive occasion. We hope you will partner with us and become a sponsor, underwriter, or donor for this event.

Sponsorship Opportunities:

Percheron ~ $5000                  Thoroughbred ~ $2500                 Quarter Horse ~ $1500

Morgan ~ $1000                       Arabian ~ $500                              Shetland ~ $250

 Underwriting Opportunities:

Buffet Dinner ~ $4200                                             Postage & Printing ~ $1400

Advertising & Graphics Design ~ $1200                  DJ, Emcee, & Sound System ~ $800

Mint Julep, Beer & Wine Bar ~ $650                        Wine Pull ~ $450

Display/Dining Tables & Chairs ~ $410 SOLD         Centerpieces & Decorations ~ $325 SOLD

Sponsorship Levels
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Underwriting: Make a
One-Time Donation of Any Amount Below

All sponsors and underwriters who wish will be acknowledged at the event, as well as in our post-event newsletter, on our Facebook page, and on this web page. All of the proceeds from “Beyond the Finish Line” will be directed to the care of our horses, including feed, hoof care, and veterinary attention. Please join us on this once-in-a-horse’s-lifetime occasion as we celebrate the horses who grace the green pastures of Equamore Sanctuary. Give us a call at (541) 482-5550, contact us by email at , or use the buttons above to become a part of this celebration. If underwriting, enter your dollar amount, and when prompted to send us a message, tell us what you are underwriting.

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