Victimized by Death

  • Appaloosa Mare
  • Entry Date – 12/27/11
  • Type of rescue – Surrendered to Jackson County Sheriff’s Department
  • Reason – Sever neglect
  • Special needs – Special feeds, special care of hooves, and Previcox daily

To many horses, Sanctuary means freedom from hunger, a serious danger to horses like Sassy. When her owner died, Sassy, her pen mate Chance, and two other horses were left in the care of the owner’s elderly mother with early signs of dementia. This aged mare and her Mustang companion, Chance, languished in a paneled pen until a caring relative called for help. Intervention by law enforcement resulted in Sassy and Chance being surrendered and arrangements had already been made for Equamore volunteers to transport them to the Sanctuary. Although both horses were severely undernourished, Chance’s youth allowed him to bounce back quickly. Sassy, in much worse condition, needed more time. Special food and hoof care were required to rehabilitate her. For several months, she spent time resting her sore feet in a stall next to Chance and, from time to time, ventured out with him to the soft ground of the jumping arena. In just four months, Sassy recovered her perfect body weight, but it will be a very long time before her feet are back to normal or near normal. Her photo shows she retains a willing spirit and kind eye

UPDATE: Although Sassy fully recovered bodily strength under our care, she never recovered from the long-term neglect of her hooves. In the end, the mare could no longer walk without considerable pain and difficulty. The difficult decision was made after consultation with the vet and farrier who could no longer, with good conscience, continue to treat the  badly deteriorated joints in her lower front legs.