Down On Her Knees

  • Chestnut QTR Mare
  • Entry Date – 3/15/11
  • Type of rescue – Surrendered
  • Reason – Could not be ridden
  • Special needs – Previcox daily

A Quarter Horse mare named Kizzy was surrendered to us in 2011 thin and with teeth needing serious attention. Her owner said that every time she put a saddle on the mare, Kizzy would fall to her knees. And it’s no wonder as both Kizzy’s front legs are very bowed and extremely “over at the knee.” In Kizzy’s case, this conformation flaw is quite pronounced. Her hooves are actually placed behind her knees instead of directly under them where they would fully support her weight.

Another condition that Kizzy is afflicted with is a disease known as DSLD (Degenerative Suspensory Ligament Desmitis) which is thought to be genetic and for which the prognosis is grim. There is no cure as yet but we are trying an experimental treatment in the hope of at least holding the effects off for as long as possible.

For some unknown reason, Kizzy has a problem socializing with the other horses in her herd. She seemingly tries to make friends, but the other horses routinely reject her. She can be seen in the field with her herd, yet always apart, chased away if she gets too close. She cannot stand to be separated from her herd, yet she is always alone in the group. All of the horses in her herd have other horses they socialize and pair with, except for Kizzy. We try our best to offer her additional human affection, but humans are not horses!  We are not even sure if she is actually unhappy or if we are simply projecting human emotions on this sweet horse. But in any case, Kizzy will spend the rest of her life under our care, with her reluctant herd and with the chance to make a friend if the right horse for Kizzy comes along.